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Fashion Verses Beauty in Lip Enhancements

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Thursday 3rd October 2019

The lovely Jaci, our Nurse practitioner here at Impact Beauty & Aesthetics has written her latest blog post, around the subject of ‘Fashion verses Beauty in Lip enhancement’. So grab a cuppa and if you have 5, have a little read below…

‘Firstly, before thinking of having any work done on your lips we need to consider the role that lips have.

Firstly they play an important part in our speech and how we pronounce our words. Secondly, they play a role with eating our food whilst being very sensitive they will protect us from placing horrible foods in our mouth. Talking about sensitivity they are rich in blood and nerve supply which enables them to have a lovely red colour and provide us with the pleasure of kissing, being one of our erogenous zones. Our lips are involved with our facial expressions and therefore silently provide information to others on our feelings.

Your lips need good care and attention. They have a thinner layer of skin causing them to be quite vulnerable to weather conditions. They can become dry in the sun requiring protection and exposed during the winter months causing dry and chapped lips. As we age lips lose their volume causing lines around the mouth and within the lip tissue to form.

Without a shadow of doubt lips have always been an area of beauty with full soft lips giving the appearance of a sensuous appearance.

There are several clues here that you need to consider then when thinking of having a lip enhancement procedure. They are rich in blood supply therefore at risk of bruising and requiring careful attention to prevent any injury to the arteries. Think about the product of choice, lips need to be soft subtle and sensuous. Stay within the natural proportions in relation to the rest of your face. There is a golden ratio, and this should not be ignored. Staying within this ratio ensures that the focus of your lip enhancement remains in line with beauty and not necessarily what fashion dictates.

Enjoy and value your lips they are such an important aspect of your facial anatomy. Only have treatment by a reputable safe and knowledgeable practitioner and remember – there is nothing nicer than a beautiful smile.’

Jaci – The Impact Team x


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